Supreme Court Issues Decision on Meal/Rest Periods

The California Supreme Court yesterday released its long-awaited decision in a case involving employers’ obligations relating to meal and rest breaks.

The most critical part of the unanimous ruling in Brinker Restaurant Corp. v. Superior Court is that employers do not have to ensure that employees take their meal breaks, but must merely make them available. The court also provided flexibility to employers with regard to the timing of meal and rest breaks.

Erika Frank, California Chamber of Commerce general counsel and vice president of legal affairs, commented on the ruling: “Employers have finally received some much-needed clarity in a common-sense decision from the California Supreme Court that will provide certainty and flexibility to employers and employees, allowing them to effectively manage their workload and serve their customers and clients.

“One of the most significant benefits of this ruling is that it will reduce employers’ exposure to costly and frivolous litigation.”

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The California Chamber of Commerce will hold a webinar Tuesday to further clarify the ruling.

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One Response to “Supreme Court Issues Decision on Meal/Rest Periods”

  1. Thanks for the info. We’ll still encourage our staff to take their breaks, but it’s nice to know it won’t come back to bite us (no pun intended) if they don’t.